The JALALI-LAB @ UCLA has developed powerful tools during the course of research. Some of these tools have been made available online here for students and researchers in the fields of silicon photonics and real-time instruments for biomedical, communication and defense applications.

Current Tools:

Time-Stretch Analog-to-Digital Converter Design Calculator

The Time-Stretch Analog-to-Digital Converter (TS-ADC) takes a high speed analog electronic signal, slows it down by a photonic time-stretch preprocessor, and digitizes that with a relatively slow but high resolution electronic analog-to-digital converter. With this calculator, you will be able to determine the stretch factor, RF bandwidth, and required optical bandwidth amongst other parameters. USE TOOL NOW

Time-Stretch Dispersive Fourier Transform Design Calculator

Dispersive Fourier Transform is an analog technique to map a signal's spectrum to its time, enabling direct measurement of the Fourier Transform. In the context of optics, this has enabled extremely high-throughput (> 1 MHz), real-time spectroscopy using a wideband pulsed source, the sample itself, a dispersive element, and a fast photodiode. With this calculator, you will be able to calculate the relationship between time and optical color (wavelength or frequency), as well as practical limitations such as spectral resolution, maximum group delay, and dispersive element loss. USE TOOL NOW

Time-Stretch Camera Design Calculator

Serial time-encoded amplified imaging/microscopy (STEAM) is a fast real-time optical imaging method that provides ~10 MHz frame rate, ~100 ps shutter speed, and ~30 dB (x 1000) optical image gain. As of today, STEAM holds world records for shutter speed and frame rate in continuous real-time imaging. STEAM employs the photonic time stretch along with optical image amplification to circumvent the fundamental trade-off between sensitivity and speed that affects virtually all optical imaging and sensing systems. With this calculator, you will be able to determine spatial and temporal resolution of 1D STEAM. USE TOOL NOW

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